Terms & Policies



  • Please remember to check-in when you arrive. Even if you reserved your space online prior to the class, check-in is necessary.

  • We recommend that you reserve your space in class by registering online through the MindBody app prior to your arrival at the studio.

  • We encourage students to arrive a few minutes early to allow enough time to check-in and set up your space before class.

  • There is space provided in the studio for personal belongings. Do not leave purses, bags or other valuables in the waiting area. Devi Ma Yoga is not responsible for any losses.

  • You may bring a water bottle to class and items needed for the comfort of your baby. No food is permitted in the studio.


Yogini Etiquette 

Part of the yoga practice involves the creation of a sacred, peaceful, clean space for all. 

  • We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in returning props to the storage area neatly and mindfully. Please take the time to fold your blankets and to stack blocks and bolsters. The following class will be grateful for  your thoughtfulness.

  • If you arrive late, kindly enter the practice room quietly.

  • If you need to leave early, please inform the teacher before class and then exit quietly, before deep relaxation begins.

  • Please remember to silence your phone before class.

General Practice Guidelines

  • Listen to your body. Do not strain or force any postures or feel that you must practice every posture instructed during the class, especially if you are not feeling up to it. If a posture becomes uncomfortable at any point, come out of it. Sit down, or rest at any time during the class if necessary. Should you feel ill or dizzy, sit down and inform the instructor.

  • Hydration is a must during pregnancy and postpartum. Bring water to class. For postnatal classes, we also suggest you bring items for your baby’s comfort: diapers, wipes, a baby blanket, a favorite toy and any other items you need. You may feed and change your baby as needed during the class.

  • Feel free to use the restroom at any time. Kindly exit and re-enter the room as quietly as possible.

  • Do not practice yoga if you or your baby is not feeling well. It’s more important to rest and heal before returning to practice. Consult with your medical provider concerning when you may return to practice.

  • Do not practice yoga if your doctor, midwife or pediatrician suggests against it for any reason.

Cancelation Policy

  • If you have previously registered for a yoga class and need to cancel, simply go online (on the MindBody app) and remove your name from the roster. You are not charged for classes you do not attend.

  • If you have registered for any of the childbirth education classes (the workshops listed under out “Get Ready for Birth and Baby” tab) or any of our workshop events, and cannot attend on that date, please email us to transfer your name onto a roster for another upcoming date. If your baby is born before the class begins, or you cannot attend (and cannot transfer to another class), please email us and we will refund you (minus the processing fee) for the class(es). (info@yogadevi.mom)

Lost & Found

  • We keep lost items for up to 30 days. If not claimed, these items are discarded. Please give us a call: 914.575.2081, or send us an email: info@yogamom.mom if you think you left something behind.