I used techniques that I learned in your childbirth education class. They were really so helpful. I was honestly coping well with the pain all day.
— Stephanie

4 Unique Aspects of Our Approach

1. Childbirth Education Association (CEA/MNY)  

For over 40 years, CEA has provided a holistic approach to birth. Classes are similar to Lamaze in basic content, and we cover additional elements and perspectives that are not found in clinical or hospital-based settings. CEA uniquely stands out among childbirth preparation classes as an approach that was developed by women for women. In 1972, a group of pioneering midwives, doulas, and birth advocates took into account the importance of women’s innate body wisdom, and how this profoundly guides the birth process. As a result, this woman-centered perspective embodies the full recognition that each woman is unique, bringing her own strengths, preferences and life experiences to the labor room and the postpartum weeks. Our approach is not a one-size-fits-all method. Instead, we guide women and couples to identify, explore and effectively utilize personal strengths that will ultimately provide the most powerful coping strategies for labor. We also highlight consumer rights, birth options and informed decision-making in collaboration with medical providers.

2. Independent Perspective

We are not affiliated with any particular hospital, though we have provided hands-on labor support in numerous hospitals, birth centers and homes throughout the tri-state area and beyond. Because of this, we bring a wide perspective on the range of practice and are not restricted by a prescribed institutional or method-based curriculum. As such, we have latitude to cover additional topics, and to adjust as needed to address specific concerns and options for expecting couples regardless of where they will deliver.

3. A Yogic Approach

We are certified, registered prenatal yoga teachers (RPYTs), certified childbirth educators and trained birth and postpartum doulas. Our hands-on experience with labor and lactation support, as well as our expertise in prenatal yoga informs our perspective on mechanics of movement, positioning, alignment and propping that best facilitates birth. We provide guidance in effective movements, yogic breath, relaxation techniques and meditation to provide a practical and powerful context for birth. We have developed, taught, trained and expanded the Yoga for Labor & Delivery approach based on 15 years of participant feedback in this class. Our classes include the techniques we have seen to consistently work the best in the labor room and beyond.

4. Flexibility

Your life and to-do list during pregnancy is complicated enough, so our classes can be arranged around your schedule. You choose when you want to take the classes AND the order that you attend. If you only wish to take one class, or would like to mix/match according to your interests and needs… let us know! We also provide privates as availability allows.