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Continuing Education

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Prenatal Teacher Training

This training will fully prepare you to confidently teach a safe, mindful and beneficial prenatal yoga class. You will learn about the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy, when modifications are necessary, and how the prenatal yoga practice can help to manage some of the discomforts experienced during each trimester. You will also gain some basic familiarity with the labor process and ways to prepare expecting mothers physically and mentally for the challenges of labor utilizing yogic techniques and philosophy. 

Beyond learning how to teach prenatal yoga, this training is often personally transformational for many participants.  Participants in these trainings embark on a journey of self discovery and often find themselves on a new path that can lead to exciting, unexpected opportunities. 

Pre-requisites :

  • Successful completion of 200-hour basic yoga teacher training

  • 6-8 months of previous yoga teaching experience (or similar teaching experience)

  • Acceptance interview

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Aksel Sørensen

Strength Training
Senior Fitness

Aksel’s grandfather introduced weightlifting to him at an early age, so it’s no surprise that he went on to compete nationally. He approaches his own training with patience and resolve and brings that same attitude to his clients.


Maiv Thao

Functional Training
Fitness & Nutrition
Marathon Training

Maiv is addicted to fruits, vegetables, and marathons. During individual sessions, she also trains alongside you, so you never feel like you’re working out alone.

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Joel Washington

Sports Conditioning
Strength & Resistance Training
Orthopedic Exercise

With a background in gymnastics, Joel has a passion for applying his experience to helping you develop lean muscle and healthy joints.

Feedback on our prenatal yoga teacher trainings and continuing education workshops

This Prenatal Teacher Training was a profound and transformative experience for me. My experience was so positive due to the wealth of experience, knowledge and selfless gifts of support and mentoring. This training is not to be missed. ~Tori

“My 200 hour training touched on modifying for prenatal students, but I was never completely confident when a pregnant student came to my classes. This workshop provided so much more insight, not only about modifying poses, but also what questions to ask and what poses to avoid. I wish I had taken this training years ago!" ~Debbie

"I not only learned more than I expected, I gained a deeper awareness and ability to modify for pregnancy. As a yoga teacher, the first priority should be to cause no harm. Completely recommend this to all yoga teachers". ~Tina

This Prenatal Teacher Training was an amazing experience in which a community of women came together to develop a deeper knowledge of the birthing process and how yoga has the ability to support a healthy pregnancy and labor. I now have the tools to help provide women with a way to connect with their baby, their ever changing body, and with each other.  The course forever changed my life, and has opened a new way of thinking for me. ~Jacqui

Prenatal teacher training was an amazing experience and I would encourage anyone to take this training whether they want to teach prenatal classes or just expand their knowledge. I was inspired to bring this training into all aspects of my yoga teaching. ~Nan