The process of birth has remained unchanged for eons…

So, most childbirth classes provide basically the same information regarding the actual process (or stages) of labor, as well as various medical considerations, procedures and related topics. But beyond this, the similarities between class options, and the depth at which topics are covered (or not covered) can differ widely.

If you’re looking to get the most from your childbirth and breastfeeding prep classes (and you should), it is worthwhile to find out if the class(es) you sign up for will address your questions, concerns, interest AND more importantly, your natural proclivities and vision for birth and breastfeeding.

These classes are for you if…

1) You prefer a natural childbirth (… you’re not opposed to pain medication). BUT you’re seeking a class that dedicates ample time to the practice of effective pain-coping strategies… and how you can cultivate the mindset that gives you the best chance at a non-medicated birth.

2) You’re looking for a balanced, holistic, non-judgmental approach that thoroughly covers natural birth as well as what to know about medical procedures, medications and surgical birth.

3) You want to know what to do NOW to prepare for birth and beyond.

4) A strongly clinical (hospital-based) approach is not your cup of tea.

5) You want to know all of your options for various scenarios, important questions to ask, and how to advocate for yourself (yes, this is important).

6) Your partner wants to know how to effectively support you (physically and emotionally) throughout the whole process (not just in the hospital).

7) You’re searching for an empowering approach without cheerleading.

8) You’re seeking personalized guidance and advice. Yes, we remain available to you for questions after you take the class(es).

9) You’re looking for more… birth is not just a physical activity. You want to know how bring a sense of celebration and even spirituality to your birth experience.

10) You are open in a yogic approach for relaxation, movements and concepts that help you to utilize the energetics of birth to your best advantage.

11) You are grappling with doubt, trepidation, anxiety or fear of birth… let’s talk! Very few childbirth classes tackle this issue!

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