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Mom & Baby is our speciality

Devi Ma is a Sanskrit term meaning Goddess Mother. It represents the inherent abundance of the feminine. This is innate for all women, but is especially radiant during the profound transformations of pregnancy and motherhood. This is when “Devi Ma” energy shines particularly bright.

We are dedicated in the nurturing support of women and families during the amazing and sometimes challenging childbearing year. We know that expecting mothers and new families thrive when they are well-supported and receive practical, unbiased information to help them explore all their options in order to participate more fully in the birth of their children.

We bring well over a decade of passionate experience teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga, labor preparation classes, breastfeeding workshops, birth and postpartum doula support, massage therapy, counseling, and training for yoga teachers and birth professionals alike.

We are honored to share and celebrate this special time in your life.